Friday, July 6, 2012


Started my new workout program at CrossFit 760!!! Today was my first elements class where we went over the fundamentals of diet and the crossfit program. I also did my first baseline workout which consisted of  the following:

500 meter row
40 squats
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 ring rows (simulated pull ups for those of us who can't do a pull up)

I finished the baseline workout in 7:19, so I am excited to see that number drop the next time we check my progress. I was surprised how difficult the workout got at the end, the row was easy but the squats were killer. By the ring row I was in so much pain I had to take a break every 2 or 3 lifts. When I got home I looked into the diet plan that the coach suggested called the Whole 30, which is a 30 day diet plan I will begin this cheating just strict to this diet to clean my body!!! Wish me luck in this new program!

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